Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Carnival of Progressive Christians

Theres a new carnival in town! How exciting. For those of you who don't know, a blog carnival tries to pull together lots of interests perspectives from people within a particular group. Some examples that might interest include the carnival against pornography and prostitution (, the carnival of sexual freedom and autonomy ( the Carnival of Feminists (

This carnival is for Progressive christians, the link is (incidently, how do I do a link without just putting the web page in, this whole post looks ridiculous). The theme for July is community, and I know some of my blogging friends reading this have some really interesting thoughts, so write something and submit it on the page given.


Anonymous said...

Links - [a href="link"]Title[/a] where [] are replaced by < >.

Feminist Avatar said...

Another way in blogger is to open the new post box as normal and type in your text etc. Then, highlight the text you want to be the highlighted link and click on the icon in the tools bar at the top which looks like a link on a chain (if you put your mouse over it it says link- it is usually text to the colour text icon). It opens a wee box where you paste the web address and hey presto.

Christian Feminist said...

Thank you both!